• Gabe Love

They See Me Rolling

The Importance of Myofacial Release With Foam Rolling

Myofacial Release is often looked over when talking about fitness. Well, first lets talk about what exactly myofacial release is. When working out, muscles undergo high volumes of stress and over time cause a build up of collagen adhesion in the striated layers of muscle. This collagen build up can cause muscle tightness and a limited range of motion in the joints. Breaking the adhesions up can help realign muscle tissue in order to regain proper muscle movement. So how do you go about breaking these adhesions up? On your own you can use a foam roller to apply pressure to muscles in order to break up the collagen. Moving in a rhythmic pattern while applying pressure is the best way to utilize a foam roller. Depending on how much build up is there, it can be a painful process. I recommend foam rolling before and after your workouts.

A few benefits to foam rolling:

  • Reduces Tissue Tension

  • Increases Recovery Time

  • Reduces Risk of Collagen Build Up

  • Increases Range of Motion in Joints

  • Reduces Muscle Soreness

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