• Gabe Love

Overcoming Fears of the Gym

In my experience of training clients many of them would express that they did not like the feeling of going in the gym and feeling like they did not know what they were doing or cared about people watching them. This kind of thinking is normal. It is something new and uncomfortable. I would always tell my clients that you have to start somewhere. When it comes down to it everyone is in the gym to try and better themselves. I go to the gym to focus on reaching a goal I set for myself not for anyone else. The gym is a place where it is you versus you it does not matter what everyone else is doing because at the end of the day you are the one that truly makes the results happen. Nobody woke up one day with magic results over night. Nobody woke up and just so happened to know how to do everything in the gym. Regardless of gym experience everyone in there has one thing in common, achieving a personal goal. To this day I still get in my head in the gym, and when I start to worry about what everyone else is doing I have to slow down and remember that I am there for me and remember that is fear is just false evidence appearing real. I think one of the most rewarding feelings about training clients is that I get to see more than just an appearance change. I am able to see a change in confidence and attitude, and that kind of change is priceless to see.

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