Apogee Fitness - Tip of The Week

Updated: Nov 14, 2019


A lot of times you hear people talk about no days off when it comes to training. Yes, that is a great motivational mindset to have, but in reality rest days are just as important as training days. When working out you are causing micro trauma in your muscles which causes a buildup of lactic acid causing soreness. Giving yourself days in between your workouts lets your body recover and heal allowing you to continue to healthily grow each and every day. Working out and getting into shape is a process that takes time and patience day by day. So what does proper recovery look like?

Proper Recovery

Taking proper care of your body is essential in life and especially in fitness. As a person you become what you think about so you feed your mind positive thoughts or positive readings. You become what you eat so you feed yourself healthy foods and nutrients. You become who you surround yourself with so you hangout with positive people who make you a better person and support your goals. Recovery is all about growth, healthy growth. So if you workout for an hour and use that as justification to eat something unhealthy than you must try to change the way you think. Throughout your fitness journey you learn a lot about yourself because when it comes down to it, it is you versus you. The only place you have to look is within yourself. You begin to uncover your weaknesses and accept them so you can strengthen them. You find your strengths and fine tune them. You go through cravings for junk food, but learn to cope and not cave in. You learn to master your mind which allows your body to follow.

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